buystrip_productRumour has it that Apple is all set to release its next killer phone the iPhone 6 sometime in 2014. Considering the release of newer product upgrades from the likes of HTC, Samsung and Sony in the offing, Apple is sure to have some fantastic features in store for iPhone 6.

So what can one expect in the new iPhone 6? For starters, it is going to be driven by an A8 octa-core processor as compared to the current iPhone 5S that runs on an A7 quadcore 64-bit processor. It is most likely to be powered by the iOS 7 operating system, with talks of it running on the next version operating system, the iOS 8. Apple has been consistently cold shouldering NFC (Near Field Communication) that many Android phones boast of. But things are likely to change with the iPhone 6 finally embracing NFC. This is another step up from the iPhone 5S. All this while Apple has been shipping a single-sized phone, with the iPhone 6, there could be a possibility of two or even three sized variants. How does a 128 GB iPhone sound?

The finger scanner was introduced in the iPhone 5S on its home button. Apple plans to do away with the home button and introduce a huge Retina+ IGZO display featuring a 1080p Full HD resolution in its place. Apple is keeping everyone guessing as to whether its new Touch ID finger-print technology will be seen in the iPhone6.

With Apple all set to bundle some nifty facial recognition and eye-tracking motion technology features along with the probability of wireless charging that could charge multiple devices at the same time, it would be prudent to gift yourself another tech toy this Christmas and await the launch of the iPhone 6 next year.