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iPhone 5S to Come in Different Color Options; iPhone 6 Could be a Phablet: Analyst

When it comes to Apple, mum’s the word until the company decides to announce what it’s working on. Till date, we have no clue if the successor to the iPhone 5 will be called the iPhone 5S or if it will be the iPhone 6. Many analysts expect Apple to announce the iPhone 5S this year as an intermediary offering until they can bring out a spectacularly redesigned iPhone 6 next year.

Peter Misek, an analyst at Jeffries, feels that the iPhone 6 could be a phablet-like device with a large screen that would be showcased sometime in June 2014. Apple drew considerable criticism for its 4-inch iPhone 5 at a time when its competitors had much bigger screen sizes. So we might expect Apple to correct that and come with a possible 5-inch screen in the iPhone 6.

In March 2013, we found out that Sharp was working on a new technology that could makes its screens extremely sensitive and responsive to touch. Sharp happens to be one of Apple’s suppliers and while its new technology could work on screens up to 60 inches, it’s possible that Sharp could replicate this in a smaller, possibly 5-inch, screen as well.

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Misek also feels that 2013 could see Apple launching the iPhone 5S, with no significant change in the form factor. However, there could be a faster processor, new colorful casing options, and even a better camera in the iPhone 5S.

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