Foursquare, which has been making iOS maps for the iPhone 5, is improvising. It has launched an iPhone 5 and iOS 6-ready version of its check-in application, which gives a more personalized maps experience. The lack of details on their maps is evident. Missing street names and many places of interest that were available on Google Maps are now gone.

Foursquare released version 5.3 for the iPhone today with some design and feature enhancements. One is the Explore tab that will help users find places better. It’s going to try to be easier to navigate. It should also be faster. The Explorer tab will have new search categories. However, Apple is relying on Yelp to provide users with business information, tips, photos, and check-ins. Yelp is the primary engine for the Apple Maps experience.

Since Apple is facing a lot of trouble with the iOS maps, Foursquare and Yelp are going to need a lot more work to gather more takers.