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iPhone 5 Coming on September 21?

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It is coming. Get Ready. Apple is reportedly set to make the most awaited launch of this year, the launch of iPhone 5, scheduled on September 21. The reports have flown directly from the nest of iMore, which have claimed that the source from where the information has come has “proven accurate in the past”.

The reports for the iPhone 5 and the new iPad has been building up for quite a while and it was expected that that both Apple products will be hitting the shelves later this year but it seems that iPhone and iOS6 would arrive a bit earlier than expected.

As pointed by Gigaom, Apple does only one upgrade in a year but this time it is  just after 11 months of release of iPhone 4S that Apple may put the new model in store. Moreover, iPad Mini, which is going to be a significant addition to the company’s product line up, may release after 6 months of the recent iPad update, this would be something which Apple has not done before. However, the early launch of iPad Mini would put Apple in a better position against its competitors, including Google, Microsoft and Amazon who are ruling the 7 inch tablet market for now.

iMore’s report says iOS 6 would be given a final presentation on September 12, and be released as a software update a week later, which would be September 19.

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Though Apple SVP of iOS Software Scott Forstall said at WWDC in June that iOS 6 will be released “sometime this fall.” And if seen logically fall doesn’t began from September 22 but yes Apple is allowed to change its mind especially after its products sale has slowed down.

And if Apple delivers iPhone 5 this September then it would get itself many customers who are waiting to upgrade their phone. Apple is also going to earn major benefit from the quarterly release of iPad as it will fetch more profits.

In the words of Washington Post, timing the launch at the end of its fiscal fourth quarter would be one way to avoid repeating what happened in its fiscal fourth quarter last year – and again in its fiscal third, reported last week — with Apple seeing its iPhones sales dip while customers wait until October for a new iPhone. Even a late-in-the-quarter release (the quarter ends Sept. 30), would result in one of the company’s typically insane launch weekend numbers press releases, which would be encouraging to investors.

And there is no doubt that a kind of company which Apple is, futuristic in its approach, it will by no means take Wall Street concerns lightly especially under the leadership of Tim Cook.

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