The all-new iPhone 11 is only a month away from being revealed to the world. If online tech websites are to be believed, iPhone 11 will be released by September 20, 2019. The successor to iPhone X series will be launched on September 10, 2019, and will be available for pre-order bookings from September 13. With some upgraded features, it is likely to be priced at around $999.

Speculations suggest that the new iPhone might include upgraded features like an enhanced Camera and will feature iOS 13. The iPhone 11 series will include three versions of the smartphone iPhone 11, iPhone 11R and iPhone 11 Max. Some reports have also suggested it might be named as iPhone Pro though there have not been any official confirmations by the company.

Key features you can expect in the new iPhone –

The latest iPhone series is likely to feature a triple-lens rear camera including an ultra-wide camera on the back to capture a bigger view. iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max are expected to include a camera upgrade with three sensors while iPhone 11R will include only two such sensors.

The likely three-camera set-up and a 3-D sensor will appear in a bigger square-shaped slot at the back in the latest iPhone.  Each camera will have a 12 – megapixel lens to be made by Sony with telephoto, wide-angle and super-wide-angle configurations. Even the selfie camera might get to a 12-megapixel lens from 7 megapixels in the current range. Moreover, the smart frame feature will allow users to adjust framing even after clicking the picture.

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The iPhone 11 is also expected to include the feature of reverse wireless charging. It will allow Apple users to charge their other devices like Apple watch and AirPodsC using integrated device technologies by placing them on the rear of the iPhone 11.  Additionally, it will also include features like improved connectivity for indoor navigation and positioning.

iOS loyalists will have to wait for 2020 to get new features like 5G and refreshed screen technology in their latest iPhones. Besides, the new Apple smartphones in 2019 are also expected to come in the same sizes as their predecessors iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone XR and will probably have the same display.