All the iPhone and iPad models will soon get an iOS 9 update. This means that all the users would find a lot of new and exciting features in their devices. Let’s know which models are going to get what features.

iPads Getting iOS 9Except the original iPad model, all others would be compatible with iOS 9. However, not every model will get all the upcoming features because some features require more power than the previous models can offer. iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 3 would have features like Slide Over and Picture in Picture but iPad Air 2 would have an additional feature called Split View. With all these features, it would become a lot easier to carry on important tasks on these tablets.

Slide Over is a nice feature which lets you go to another app without dropping the app you are presently working on. You need to just swipe on the right side of your device from right to left to see another application.

Split View, which is exclusively available in iPad Air 2 is an upgraded version of Slide Over. This feature lets you use two apps at the same time. This split-screen multitasking app is the one that every iPad users have been eagerly waiting for but now the wait is over.

The Picture in Picture is yet another multitasking feature that allows you to use Face Time or watch a video at the same time you are using another app.

There is another feature which is creating much buzz is the Quick Type. This feature comes with add attachment, copy and paste and format text options. Moreover, this new keyboard makes your touchscreen function as a trackpad.

If you cannot wait till the next month to use these features, get the available iOS 9 public beta program to get early access of the features for testing.