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iPad vs iPad Mini: Would iPad Mini Win?

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Apple's latest iPad MiniNews of iPad Mini is surfacing round the corner joining Apple’s next great rumor, not even a month following its latest iPhone 5 launch. A successor to the ‘New iPad’, ‘iPad Mini’ will possibly be a 7-inch version and is expected to be introduced on October 17th.

Apple’s iPad is already a success among the existing tab market. However, some analysts feel there are six ways that could make this smaller ‘iPad Mini’ be better than the already existing ‘New iPad’.

Apple’s competitive tabs in the same budget include Amazon’s Fire tablet, Google Nexus 7, and Barnes & Noble Nook tablets.

Smaller and lightweight, iPad Mini is expected to work in a great way. There are many who feel that this smaller version could surpass its predecessors.

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Let’s discuss some of the reasons-

Augmented Reality

Looking at the real world around us, Augmented reality seems to be a great thing for smartphones or tablets. Carrying around a smaller iPad will be good for all consumers.


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Reading Ebooks on a full-size iPad can be taxing at times. The new iPad is already fun when it comes to browsing the Web and watching videos. And with the smaller iPad, reading will become all the more fun.


iPad Mini will give you all directions for driving or walking. So now just take care of all visual distractions you might get while driving down the highway.

Driving Games

There are few driving games, which will let you use the iPad or tab as a steering wheel, turning the entire tablet to steer right and left. And the problem with the current iPad is its weight, which makes playing tiring after a while.


Many people take pictures on their smartphones. But capturing with iPad Mini might be added fun. It will fight in your pockets.


Apple will keep the price of iPad Mini lesser than the ‘New iPad’, which means more apps, more videos, better size, and more games.

Resource: PC MAG

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