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iPad Mini Affecting Sales of Regular iPad


With the iPad Mini out in the market, several tech experts and gadget gurus have given their reviews that have proved to be good for the image of the new Apple product. The experts, who have made their opinion on iPad mini clear, have also stated that the features of iPad Mini has made it popular among users. Despite having competitors in the market such as Kindle by Amazon and ASUS by Google along with Surface from Microsoft, iPad Mini has cannibalized the market by outperforming brands in the tablet market. The form factor has come across as the trump card for Apple because it is compact and lightweight. This makes it convenient and user-friendly.

Along with the weight and size of the iPad Mini, the retina screen is another feature being liked by users who have got their hands on the Mini. Tech gurus have stated that iPad mini sales shall be much more than the normal version of table available from Apple. Renowned technology analyst John Gruber of Daring Fireball has stated that as the popularity of iPad mini grows in the market, it could prove to be one of the finest tablets in the market.

Gruber also stated that, as users prefer to make use of th eiPad for reading eBooks, iPad mini has proved to be the best solution of all. Teen users are one of the happy users of the new iPad Mini. They believe that it is one of the best choices when you want to maintain your social presence while on the move. Financial experts are stating that the sale of iPad mini is affecting the profit of Apple positively and the gizmo giant has gained the margin that had been expected. However, experts are also stating that with iPad Mini in the market, sales of the regular iPad have gone down. The cost factor will also affect the sale of regular iPad, given that the iPad Mini is available at half the price of the regular iPad.

The lower cost of iPad Mini will affect the sale of Apple, as people are more inclined to buy it over the first edition of the iPad. Although the iPad Mini is creating a rage, it is highly affecting the product line of Apple and the brand has already starting seeing a bit of downfall in the stock rates for the other product sales. Experts are stating that, along with iPad Mini striking gold in the market, Apple must concentrate on marketing other products in a way that they equalize the profit range.

The low cost iPad Mini, which is available in black 16 GB Wi-Fi model is already a huge hit since the first day of its launch.