Latest rumor suggests that iPad mini 4 may have a Split View feature. The source of this speculation is none other than the fact that a resource file has been found in OS X El Capitan within the Safari 9 browser that shows support for this much anticipated feature. If this rumor comes out to be true, it would mean that the specifications of iPad mini 4 would be a lot similar to iPad Air 2.

iPad mini 4 is Expected to Support Extra Powerful Hardware and Split
iPad Mini 4

9to5Mac as well as Hamza Sood, a developer by profession, reported about a tool in El Capitan that has been designed mainly to test the responsiveness of website designs. This tool can be used to check how Safari is iPad mini is working in split-screen view mode.

Split-View allows users to run two applications simultaneously on the same screen. This feature would be available in the upcoming Apple’s operating system i.e. iOS 9. Information about Split-View was first announced in June at WWDC by the company.

However, it is not meant of all iPad tablet models. Initially, this feature was said to be available only in iPad Air 2 due to hardware limitations. If the upcoming tablet comes with this feature, it is extremely likely that it would run on the robust A8X SoC as the iPad Air 2 or something similar to it.

It is to be noted that iPad mini 3 did not have many extra features than iPad mini 2 apart from Touch ID and availability in gold color. Thus, it does not seem improbable if iPad mini 4 comes loaded with significant hardware and software features.