We know that Apple’s iPad Mini that was launched last year went on to become quite a popular tablet in the market, and there has been a lot of hype around its successor, the iPad Mini 2 for a while now. Notwithstanding the success, given that Apple has still not announced any launch date for the next-gen iPad Mini, we doubt if you should really bother waiting for it. Here’s why:

The iPad Mini drew a lot of flak for its low-resolution screen. For a premium priced tablet, its screen was anything but attractive, especially in comparison with that of its competitors’ like the Google Nexus 7. But according to the rumors, Apple’s planning to change that and put in the Retina Display feature in the iPad Mini 2. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Only if you’re willing to shell out even more bucks on it, though. Given that the iPad Mini itself starts at $329 for the WiFi-only model, we can only imagine just how much the 4G version could set you back by.

If you are looking at spending money on an iPad Mini only to use it as an e-book reader, well, you’ve got far better alternative options which could cost you a lot less. Sure, they’re 7-inch tablets while the iPad Mini’s got a 7.9-inch screen, but the price difference doesn’t really justify that extra 0.9-inches in the iPad Mini screen.

Apple’s planning to bump up the processor in the iPad Mini 2 from the current A5 to an A6X processor – the same that powers the iPad 4. There are also rumors of a brand new A7 processor being designed by Apple. But if you’re not into running very heavy apps, you don’t really need all that power. The iPad Mini should suit you just fine.