Jailbreaking always invites lots of reactions from people, with many believe that it is very useful and waits for it eagerly while other have all together a different opinion about it.

iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone 5C, 5S, 5 and 4S Can Now Have Jailbreak
Creative Commans/Mono

Jailbreak has the ability to remove limitations that are being applied on the devices by Apple. It enables users of the iPad, iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4S and iPod Touch to enjoy root access to the command line of the operating system. After jailbreak, users can have the privilege to access the themes and iPhone extensions that can’t be accessed by them earlier.

After making their device jail broken, users are allowed to download a lot of applications and use any Sim worldwide. While it is somewhat difficult to crack iOS 7.1, but users can get some features of iOS 7.1 on iOS 7.0 without jailbreak.

 iOS 7.1.1 animations are very fast and it can be identically replicated in iOS 7 with the help of Speed Intensifier. Also, the camera icon turns yellow using the Automatic Flash Indicator in iOS 7.1 in case the flash goes off. The Winterboard theme enable the 7.0 icons to appear exactly like the 7.1 icons.

 The users can also tweak the Parallax settings with the help of HiddenSettings 7 and there is no need of iOS 7.1. Similarly, the calendar app which was there in the iOS 7.1 can now be used in the iOS 7.

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