iPad Air Expected Features is an obvious choice for smart users!!!!

Apple now comes up with a wide range of features in their iPad Air-small, incredibly light and a high resolution screen all these add up to the brand identity of the best tablet ever in the technical market. The iPad Air Expected Features has a staggering weight of just 469 gm as the Wi-Fi version has been designed which is lighter than the 655 gm iPad4. To get a full and thorough knowhow of the iPad Air Expected Features one has to rush to the nearest Apple store and hold one in flesh to feel it.

According to a review the iPad Air Expected Features has derived its novel configuration cues as a duplicate to that of the iPad Mini. The iPad Air has a thinner bezel and a slender case than its predecessor stooping to 188mm from 169.5 mm which is almost more than a 10% cut. The iPad Air Expected features also incorporate a shimmer look typical of any Apple device. It is available in Spi
ce Grey
and white matching up to the iPhone 5S. The screen is one of the best quality with a Retina resolution of 2,048×1,536 which was first introduced with the iPad 3.