Apple has not announced the official release date of  iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 yet ,but it is speculated that they will be hitting the market soon. Rumors of their early release have ripened since Best Buy dropped iPad Mini and iPad Air prices (both cellular and Wi-Fi variants) to $ 100. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that Apple has discontinued the iPad 2 and has also lowered the cost of iPad 4.Apple iPad Mini

Many reports are claiming that these devices are seeing the light of the day in October 2014 since it has been kind of a tradition on part of Apple to release its tablets during the autumn season. Moreover, features of both the devices have also become topic of constant media speculation.

People are expecting these devices to be available in larger sizes, which clearly mean they want bigger screen with better display resolution. They would not mind if they get HD display. It is interesting to know how people can get creative with their expectations. Some even want iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air to have Bluetooth mouse support. The next feature that the user would love to have is facial recognition software. iPad Air needs to have touch ID as it is missing this feature found in iPad Mini.

The rumors and expectations are increasing and getting more interesting day by day. Guess, we have to wait till the official announcement and see whether the expectations are met this time or we need to wait for yet another innovation by Apple.