Apple INC No 1 in profit Earning $1192/second

Apple Inc. has made small adjustments to its present range of iPhone and iPad series with inventive and cost effective alternatives in the developing markets. As per Piper Jaffray managing director & senior research analyst Gene Munster, the iPad 4 and iPhone 5c sold at $399 will cast a slight positive impact in the coming two quarters for the company.

In his investor’s note, Munster stated that the 8GB iPhone 5c will work for the betterment of the company.

As per the Blair, Apple may have experienced a bad first quarter, however nothing is confirmed till it displays its Q1 fiscal years for 2014 earnings.

Apple Earning Per Minute is $71,523

As per a graphical illustration of earnings of the companies, Apple earned $71,523 per minute and $1192 per second in 2013. Samsung follows Apple by earning a gross profit of $55,184 per minute. Microsoft stands the third position with $44,220 per minute and Google earns a profit of $23,587.

Samsung beats the Cupertino giant with regards to income with $415,132 per minute and iPhone follows it with $330,049.

 The earnings of Apple will reveal the stock position of the tech giant in the time to come.