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5 iOS Games Of 2015 You Cannot Overlook

CrossyRoadiOS_1The market is flooded with gaming apps and millions of titles abound. There are tons of games competing with one another even within specific genres. So many, that it’s difficult to find a good game
unless one becomes a total sensation (read: the likes of Angry Birds or Clash Of Clans).
As we near the end of 2015, it’s a good time to look back at some of the more noteworthy gaming apps we’ve been at this year. Many of them have been easy to overlook with the unending roulette of apps. We look at five gaming apps that got a dedicated audience and deserve a mention:

1. Crossy Road

This was one of the hottest app games of the summer and was designed by Hipster Whale. They specialise in a sort of retro approach to new-age arcade games. The company also put out Pac-Man 256, an endless maze version of the ordinary Pac-Man. With these two titles, they’re starting to be one of the more renowned developers.
Crossy Road itself is
a Frogger-inspired take on the age-old question, “why did the chicken cross the road?” That means you’re hopping across busy highway lanes as a pixel-drawn chicken so it’s endless fun.


Miniclip has had a hit on its hands for a while with that has been a popular browser-based Internet game for a while. But it’s also suited to play as an app because it works just fine with a touchscreen and makes use of Wi-Fi connectivity to connect with other users.
For those unfamiliar with the app or original browser game, you’re tasked with controlling a blob of space. You can think of yourself as a virus looking to consumer others’ blobs to increase your own reach. There’s a bit more to it than that, but you essentially want to keep growing and expanding at the expense of others while avoiding bigger players who could be a threat to you. It’s a combination between a challenging puzzle and an everyday time waster, and a must-have for any regular app gamer.

3. Avengers Alliance

Plenty of fans have complained over the years about Marvel’s lack of a strong presence in current generation consoles, and it’s a fair argument. But the entertainment giant has always been competitive online, and this game feels like an extension of that success.
Marvel Heroes 2015 has become one of the more impressive MMO options online, and Gala Casino’s selection of online casino games offers a satisfying variety of Marvel characters. Games like these exemplify the best of Marvel gaming—Heroes being a massive world RPG, and the casino games roping in most of the popular Avengers with their own titles.
Avengers Alliance, too, excels by compiling numerous Marvel heroes, and that alone makes it worth a look. The game functions as something of a character collector and RPG
and is actually a converted Facebook game made for iOS. There’s a plot—collecting a substance called ISO-8 before
Doom and Loki can get it all—but the real fun is in collecting your favourite heroes and taking them into battles.

4. Soda Dungeon

If you’re looking for console-quality graphics that are taking over a lot of major smartphone games these days, this probably isn’t for you. If you, on the other hand, prefer a more old-school arcade experience like what Crossy Road has to offer, you should find Soda Dungeon just as delightful as I have.
It’s a character-collecting brawler in which you can gain new players to enact and then take them on various quests. You attract new characters by upgrading and maintaining a bizarre,
soda bar.
Also, and it’s very tame in case the kids want to play. The whole thing is presented in a perfect pixelated world, just crude enough to look old without being a pain to use.

5. A Blind Legend

This one takes a little getting used to, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. But if you’re the type who likes to really focus on app games rather than fiddle with them once in a while, A Blind Legend might be worth a look. That’s because this is a game designed with no visuals,
employing the use of surround sound audio to describe your setting and force you into action. Basically, you’re a knight on a quest with your daughter guiding the way, avoiding traps and acting out an adventure entirely by sound and touch.
Apple n Apps described it as “trying to become visionary” (somewhat ironically) in that this game holds the potential to create its own category. It’s not a perfect experience, but it’s certainly different. It’s also good, immersive fun.
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