IMG-20150917-WA0029iOS 9 has come as a whiff of fresh air. It truly has some innovative features as opposed to other recent launches from Apple. First and foremost, my iPhone 6 (64 GB) has become swift… bye-bye sluggishness. Pages are opening in microseconds and everything is working at Quicksilver speed, honestly the world seems to moving at a slower pace.

Apple has clearly stepped out of the nest and has added some nifty features to the new iOS. Okay, you can pull down the home screen and make way for the Search Screen, thanks to feature called Spotlight. You will get suggestions of contact and apps based on where you are and what you doing.

IMG-20150917-WA0027Here is an interesting incident, I was traveling to Pune when Spotlight suggested an app called Trip-It… Viola!  And now I can easily share and plan my itineraries. I did not find anything new in the app suggestions as just like previous iOS it gave me options from most frequently contacted people.

Calendar also tells you when is your next meeting scheduled. Being a music enthusiast what really impressed me is Apple’s keen interest in suggesting the music I can play in my car. I connected the phone via Bluetooth to my car and the list of relevant songs popped up.

Siri has come way ahead of its times and now it will show you the photos from a past event when asked. Ask for the photo from a birthday and they will grace your screen in no time.

Another thing that Apple has done is blocking the ads. This feature has really made loading of page swift. The new News apps lets you pick the content of your own interest, so you get he news you want to read. I am already getting my daily dose of fashion, thanks to iOS 9.

Notes apps lets you make checklist and even draw sketches. Apple Maps work better on iOS 9. I have used it to travel from Delhi to Jaipur, worked well for me. The most vital feature of iOS 9 is increased security.  Instead of 4 now you have to put a 6 digit passcode. The probability of anyone hacking into my phone has decreased drastically.

iI am already drooling over iOS9… it is indeed a step-up for Apple.