The hype and craze around Apple’s annual event WWDC 2015 left us with a nice aftertaste. We loved the heightened interface of Siri, the intuitive maps as well as the launch of a steaming music service. It is time to critique what was missing from the developers’ conference. 

iOS 9 features that Apple forgot to mentionFirstly, the new iOS 9 features could have given us better battery life. While Apple did announce a Low Power mode, but it did not tell us that putting the iPhone with the screen down over a surface will save battery as it will not activate the screen despite a notification.

Another cool feature that iOS 9 is set to launch an  app ‘called Move to iOS’ that helps smooth migration from Android to Apple OS. This will mean ease of transferring all stored data such as contacts, messages and all your files.

We also loved the iCloud Drive app that helps you access all stored files from a single place. Apple has come a long way from where it started ages back and now has underlined each of its wares and technology with superb innovations that can prove to be game changers in their own right.

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