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iOS 9 Is Apple’ s Game Changer And Here’s Why?


Apple has finally announced the latest version of its OS- the iOS 9 at WWDC 2015 event held in San Francisco on Monday. We were jolly well pleased with the  iOS 8 onslaught but the latest iOS 9 takes us for more than a joyride.

iOS 9 Is Apple’ s Game Changer And Here’s Why?A major revamp comes in context of Siri. With iOS 9 Siri has been drenched in color and has an all-new interface now. Also, be in for a surprise when you find Siri recognizing requests that are totally off the regular track. From photo hunting to reminders on playing some track for ages bygone– Siri is sassier and sincere this time.

While Siri on iOS 8 was at best a personal assistant, on iOS 9 it is your proactive assistant.

Another thing that iOS 9 brags about is the latest Spotlight Search on the iPhone and the iPad. Gear up to check out location based and time based information display, app suggestions and keys contact info displayed using this feature. Well then, you must also know that Spotlight could fish out videos in search results. From the time of iOS8, seems like loads have changed!