Saturday, July 13, 2024

iOS 7 to Reign Over Its New Platform, All Apps To Fall Flat

All Apps on Apple screen would fall flat once the iOS 7 reigns over its new platform. Any dimensional attributes will be cleaned out as iOS 7 intends to keep everything as plane as possible.

The change was first noticed by 9to5mac when some of their iOS 6 app icons lacked the visible depth on the beta version of the software. The site further pointed out that iOS 7 tends to remove the gloss that Apple applied to app icons previously.

Some more changes have appeared as some apps are sporting different icons on iOS 7 in spite of having the same version and data as iOS 6. iOS 7 turns out to look in different locations for the icons of Apps and, uses the image used within the app store and the assigned app icon image to make it icon on the screen.

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Sleep Cycle and Dunkin’ Donuts are the two reported apps which are so far influenced by the new feature, as found by 9to5Mac.

Most developers would surely look forward to redesign app icons in order to fit in the new iOS 7 color schemes and flat style. Meanwhile, Apple is trying its best to generate an integrated look on its new platform.

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