Apple has finally brought iOS 6.1 into the world. This comes after at least 5 beta test
versions of the system. The best part of the 6.1 story remains its compatibility with 4G
LTE carrier. Add to this cool app support like booking movie shows via Siri through
Fandango. Moreover, this upgrade allows song download using iCloud via the iTunes
Match app.

Safari has some minor changes in this version for Safari. The mapping app could see
vital revamps on the iOS 6.1. Good news in this context is that the Apple bug that
had been eating up into the JavaScript setting for the iPhone has been killed with
the upgrade. The auto-change that was occurring with this bug caused a lot of users
The update follows the previous upgrade to iOS 6.0.2 that took place in December. To
check if your iPhone has got hold of the update check the Software Update tab under