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Introducing Updated Google Chrome OS

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Google Chrome continues to get better and better to offer you a smooth and easy online experience. And with pets on the desktop, storing files in the cloud, and a slimmed down app-list, Google’s Chrome has just got a lot more fresh and fun.

Google recently announced the updated version of its Chrome OS, which is made with app lists experience to offer you easy use while accessing websites and your favorite applications.

Along with an uninterrupted browsing experience, this updated Chrome OS version will also provide the browser-based operating system file management to match the original product vision, which was a thin layer on hardware that puts storage into the cloud services.

With this version, now you can easily save a file directly to Google Drive, instead of saving it locally and then uploading it.

This latest update by Chrome OS looks somewhat similar to Apple’s Mountain Lion, which has iCloud as the default storage space for certain files. However, it is also to be noted that Google does not mandate or default the file location, it has just added Google Drive as an option, which you can opt for.

In addition to this, Chrome’s app launcher also underwent a change, which you can now see neatly clinging to the corner of desktop. There is also a search box at the top of the app list, which you can use like an omnibox to quickly sort and browse applications.

Providers at Google have also added visual improvement to the Chrome OS, which now allows custom wallpaper, so that you can put your baby’s pets’ pictures on the desktop. Other additional features this updated version offers include audio support for USB and HDMI, an updated Cloud Print dialog, and many bug fixes.

So go update your Chrome to enjoy the fresh experience, if you haven’t done it as yet!

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