It need not be contested that there are some completely drool-worthy, oh-so-expensive tablets in the market today. Apple iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab are two of the popular ones. However, what if you’re not interested in shelling out that kind of an investment? Fortunately, for the majority, the Indian market has recently been flooded with a number of tablets that are under the Rs. 10,000 price bracket. There has been a slew of new entrants offering stiff competition to the big ones and we are now spoilt for choice, despite our budget limitations.

Intex is the latest to join the bandwagon and cast a spell on us with their newly launched groovilicious iTab. Although it was initially priced at Rs. 11,900, the company has recently offered a price-cut and you can now own the iTab at just Rs. 8,900.

So let’s pick up our magic wand and go into the world to Intex iTab to explore whether this new offer is bewitching enough or not:

  • The iTab manages to hold its own against fellow competitors such as Micromax, Karbonn and Zync. With an 8 inch screen, you can view content on the iTab far better than most of the tablets in this same price range which feature only a 7 inch screen.
  • An all-black plastic exterior with a matte steel finish on the front and a silver lining between the bezel and the screen make the iTab look urbane and chic than most other tablets in the same price range.
  • We wish the tablet had a matte finish on the back as well, because the present glossy finish does get messy with fingerprints at a mere touch.
  • The touchscreen is suitably bright and reproduces brilliant colors, but the highly reflective screen gets a little difficult to view the screen under daylight or other bright lights.
  • A 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor with an enviable 1GB RAM lets you browse the internet, play games and do your office work effortlessly on the iTab. Connect to the internet through Wi-Fi or use a 3G dongle with your iTab and browse away through an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) interface.
  • Not to forget, it comes preloaded with many basic apps you know you would need to work with, including Word, Excel, Power Point and Adobe Reader.
  • Games such as Angry Birds, Solitaire and Paper Toss come pre installed in iTab to cater to your entertainment needs. The 360 degree G-sensor on board the tablet gives you a unique magical experience when playing these and many more games.
  • The iTab scores over others with its powerful 5000 mAh battery that will last a cool 5-6 hours even with the Wi-Fi switched on. So when you are on the move, you never need to worry about your tablet giving up on you. Carry your iTab along on next road trip adventure, for the built-in GPS software is supported by Google Maps and it will ensure that you never lose your way.
  • The front facing camera on the iTab and the built-in mic lets you make video calls to near and dear ones. It also lets you store up to 8GB of data within it – so carry as many movies, music videos or songs as you like. Never worry about running out of space, for you can add up to 32GB of space using a microSD card, or connect an external hard drive directly to your tablet through the included USB port. Now that’s a huge advantage that the iTab has over many of its competitors – a direct USB port to let you transfer data without any hassles.

This is Intex iTab is affordable for all those gadget addicts there… take your pick!