Internet Saathi Joins Tata Trusts To Help Rural Indian Women Find Employment Via Internet

In rural India, there is lack of digital access due high level of digital illiteracy. Google led digital initiative called Internet Saathi has expanded after partnering with Tata Trusts. The partnership was dubbed Internet Saathi 2.0 during a recent event held at New Delhi, India. The aim is to support females in rural India find sources of income with the means internet.

Internet Saathi along with the Foundation of Rural Entrepreneurship Development (FREND) which is a Tata Trusts initiative wants to provide a medium for women to find a source of employment via internet. Presently, there are around 12,000 internet saathis who are part of the recently a announced initiative, Since its inception in 2015, the Google led initiative has spread to 300,000 village all over India. The program focuses on making women in rural India digitally literate.

During the recent event, Marketing head, SEA & India, Sapna Chadha said that no matter the socio-economic challenges, a lot of women has been incredibly benefited from the program. “It was this winning spirit that inspired us to create a new sustainable framework with Tata Trusts, that aims to deliver employment opportunities to Internet Saathi,” added Chadha.

Head, Strategy, Tata Trusts, Raman Kalyankishan said that the trust has for many years focused on livelihood generation. Considering the success of the initiative has encouraged Tata Trusts to join hands with Internet Saathi to generate livelihood opportunities for women to become self-reliant. He also added that the trust is happy to join hands with Google and anticipate a healthy long partnership ahead.

Internet Saathi has now spread to 12 states. It is believed to have helped over 112 million women in rural India. Today, there are 30,000 internet saathis  working in 110,000 villages helping rural women learn using smartphones and tablets.

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