Now you can get a pocket-fitted PC by Intel at just $ 149.9. This HDMI dongle is loaded with complete Windows 8.1 and it is upgradable to Windows 10.

Intel’s Windows Stick-PC Launch of the Intel Compute Stick was announced in January this year and after around 3 months, it is now available for pre-booking at online portals like Amazon and NewEgg.

Compute Stick is by no means largely different from regular desktop computers. Instead, it’s incredibly small size makes the stick highly portable. For the stick to operate, you only need a screen and an HDMI port to attach it, while power is available from the USB port.

Intel Stick-PC Specifications

Specifications of the stick do not disappoint as you get full PC functionality at such a low cost. With a quad-core Atom processor, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage, this PC-on-stick is definitely not a run-of-the mill computer.

For game lovers, it will be slightly challenging because gaming is only possible with external hard drive that you can attach with a USB port available in the stick. Internet browsing, video streaming and file sharing through LAN is easy with its built-in 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.

Intel Stick-PC Price

This little machine comes at a cost-effective price of $150, which makes it really easy on the pocket. Processing speed of the Compute Stick will certainly not blow your mind but it will provide a suitable PC experience on the go!