Some new details regarding Skylake processors have leaked at the Intel Developer Forum, which is being held in Shenzhen, China. As reported by Hexus, the company utilized a dedicated conference session to display the graphical capabilities of this processor on a wide range of machines.

The primary motive behind this conference was to educate consumers and tech experts on the advantages of Skylake processors. These processors are the most capable unit when it comes to handling IRIS 6100 machines and graphics. 

Intel develops a highly capable processing unit Designed and developed keeping in mind a thermal design, these processors would be effective in handling high end graphics. With a thermal design power (TDP), the processors would consumers very less power.

Intel plans to release four versions of both i5 and i7 processing units in the year 2015, the report further states. The company will then make four SKUs which will be made available by 2016. Intel plans to offer the same support for both versions of the chipset.

The integrated processors for IRIS graphics were introduced alongside Broadwell processing units. The company has rolled out four different types of integrated chips with a common TDP of 28W.  However, Intel’s core i7 processing unit can bring down the thermal power to 23W making it of the most powerful and capable processing unit designed to handle IRIS graphics.

With the advanced features of this processing unit, it will be a boon for portable devices like laptops and mobile devices. Intel’s Skylake delivers more processing power and utilizes less battery.