Intel kicked off the annual Intel Development Forum for 2015 on Tuesday with a clear focus on RealSense. Though processors continue to form an important part of their discussions, the innovations are centered around RealSense technology that enabled a 3D overview of things. This will result in enhanced photography, better 3D printing and robots who can navigate the world with ease.

Speaking on the occasion, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich also gave a glimpse into the Google Project Tango phone that will be powered by RealSense.

Intel Development Forum focuses on RealSense technologyImprovising RealSense
Intel will come together with another tech-giant, Google to make greater innovations and improvisations with RealSense. To start with, they have tied up for Google’s Project Tango so that it can bring new developments to scanning and 3D mapping features.

Krzanich is quite confident about introducing this new technology to different devices and expects this to open new opportunities for developers. While discussing the new technology, Krzanich said that computing is now used almost everywhere and at Intel, he wants the machines to behave more like humans. Intel’s RealSense technology is enabled for wearables, Intel Curie platform and 3D camera.

While the launch of RealSense is encouraging for technology, the Intel Development Forum has also increased pressure on developers as they will have to sharpen their skills to stay ahead of competition.