Love your privacy? It can be annoying when people fiddle with your phone without your permissio? Don’t want the world to know the apps you use? Install ‘App Locker’ Apps. The main purpose of good app locker apps is to ensure security and to keeping people out of your business. One of the bestApp Locker App is AppLock. It is a secure lock app for android mobiles and tablets. The foremost fear for any mobile and tablet user is unauthorised access, and this fear can be overcome by using a password protection AppLock or any other protection lock apps.This app Locker app also allows people to save their pictures and videos in private folders with restricted access.

Why download ‘App Locker’ apps?

Security issues are always on priority list since ages, now smartphones have also joined that list to keep data secure. It is always suggested to lock your personal priceless possessions in locks and people have also thought of developing locks for smartphones in the form of App Locker Apps. With the help of these app locks you can lock your sensitive information and guard them against any theft.

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How app locker apps protect the phone?

Smartphones have taken a large chuck of our private information ranging from personal pictures to financial information to business deals. Due to this sensitive information, we keep looking for ways to protect our data from hackers. These app locker apps protect our data from any kind of loss. With these locker apps one can easily safeguard the data even via remote access.

App locker apps provide:

  • Password protection
  • Pin protection
  • Lock screen patterns
  • Other choices to avoid any kind of stealing

These apps are made with a serious notion in mind to store data in our mobile phones. Sometimes we share our mobile phones with others with a doubtful mind that someone might sneak into our privacy, but by using these lockers apps we can lock my valuable information and can be carefree while sharing my phone.  These apps do not take much of the battery or storage, so have become popular among mobile users. In case your device is stolen, these apps provide extra security to your data from intruders.

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The functionalities of these locker apps are very simple and are available free on Google Playstore. It saves the system and the apps both with different locking patterns. It also offers the facility of an email in case you forget your password or pattern so that you can use your data with authentication. These applications are faster and simpler to understand and use. Another important feature in these apps is that they are free of any promotions or ads.

With app locker apps, it is not only privacy that is taken care of. These apps also have an in-built feature which helps users to block spam calls and even uninstall few apps that can cause threat to the mobile or tablet. It also provides users the option to change the pattern or password or pin anytime along with auto-lock facility while installing any app to avoid threat from stalkers. It also provides their individual icon support for better recognition. Few lockapps are so smart that they even take the picture of the person who is putting wrong passwords or patterns into the system. 

You can bank upon these dedicated apps without any hesitation. These apps also support different languages for better access.

10 Best Applocks & Privacy Lock Apps for Android

  1. AppLock
  2. Smart AppLock
  3. AppLock – Lock Apps & Privacy Guard
  4. Norton App Lock
  5. App Lock by Smart Mobile
  6. App Locker : Fingerprint & Pin
  7. Keepsafe App Lock
  8. FingerSecurity
  9. AppLock-Fingerprint
  10. MaxLock

Install any one of these app locker apps and keep your Facebook, gallery and banking accounts safe from kids and intruders.

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