Instagram won’t be charging you any fee to put links in your Insta caption; at least that’s what it says for now.

Just in case you are wondering what we are talking, here is a little context – News reports recently claimed that a new patent application by Instagram suggests that the firm might be planning to start charging a fee to put links in the Instagram captions. The patent was reportedly first discovered by Mike Murphy on Protocol.

However, as per The Verge report the social media giant has clarified that it has no plans to add links to photo captions. Notably, Facebook had first submitted this patent application in 2016.

As per the report, it enables Facebook to show a new pop-up in case a user tries to add URL to the caption of a Facebook post. The social media platform then requires the user to pay up to $2 to make the link go live.

Instagram Patent Application on Paid Links

The spotted Instagram patent application was entitled, Adding paid links to media captions in a social networking system. The Instagram patent application also elaborated on how the system would potentially work.

It said that if the online system detects any string of link text identifying an address in the caption, it will prompt the user to pay a fee in exchange for generating a link.

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No caption link feature for now!

Notably, adding links to post captions has long been a major trouble for social media influencers and marketers on the Instagram. Unless you are verified users with that esteemed Blue Tick in front of your name, you have to include that annoying request to check the link in bio instead. However, even after the account verification, the feature is only available for Instagram stories but not posts.

Verge has further quoted an Instagram spokesperson saying that the firm currently has no plans to introduce the option to add paid links to the photo captions on Instagram. What you think about the whole episode and long standing issue of not allowing addition of links on the Instagram captions? Share in the comments below.