Instagram has overtaken Twitter in terms of user base and perhaps popularity too. Instagram has announced that it has 300 million active users. This has placed it ahead of Twitter.

Instagram overtakes Twitter in terms of user base and popularity too!
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By the end of March, Instagram had 200 million active users. The user base has grown by almost 50 percent in 2014 and over 100 million users have accessed Instagram during the last nine months.

Kevin Systrom, the co founder of Instagram has said that a partnership between two friends that began four years ago has now transformed into a strong global community that shares over 70 million photos and videos each day.

In the latest innovations announced by Instagram, the users will now be able to see verified badges for brands, athletes and celebrities. They can then connect with authentic accounts just as they do in Facebook and Twitter. These verified badges will be launched in the coming next days.

Instagram is working hard to keep its platform free from spam and fake accounts. Systrom pointed that all the changes will be evident in the coming days. Though these updates are happening as we write, the changes will be evident in coming days only.