Thursday, November 30, 2023

Indians Aware about the Gadgets They Buy: Google India

A latest report by Google India reveals that Indian consumers have become more aware about their gadget buys than ever before. According to the report, most customers looking to buy a gadget are already sure about what exactly he or she wants to buy. The source for the information on the products is none but the internet.

“The Internet is impacting final purchases, and is fast taking over what was traditionally the role of point-of-sale and in-store sales personnel”, says, Google India, MD-sales and operations, Rajan Anandan, He also added, “The retailer’s ability to influence a buyer’s mind is diminishing. So, companies must look at engaging buyers online about their products and offerings.”

The report was drafted after research across all leading cities and towns in India. Surprisingly about 40 percent of India’s population checks out the features of the latest gadgets available in the market. In the metropolitan and first tier cities, about 83 percent of buyers interested in bagging a gadget, research amply on the internet.

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