India Covid-19 impact has become a cause of great worry. With over 90,802 new COVID-19 cases recorded in the last 24 hours, India has now surpassed Brazil, and is second behind U.S., thus making it the second hardest hit country with more than 4.2 million people infected.

Maharashtra,Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are the five worst-affected states and are responsible for contributing the maximum Covid cases in India. It is of grave concern, especially after the Govt.’s decision to resuscitate theeconomy;India has been recording the world’s largest daily increase in coronavirus cases. The fatal virus has spread to country’s smaller towns and villages, putting immense burden on already fatigued health system of the country. With spread to small and micro-interiors, the number of deaths due to Covid – 19 is likely to rise in the coming months. 

Who Is To Be Blamed?

The decision to lift the lockdown came after the economy was burdened with major sectors like construction, hospitality,travel & manufacturing,etc.showing negative growth. To add to the woes was large scale job loss across these sectors. Worst hit was small businesses which are a part of unaccounted economy.  With businesses shut and no moneyin circulation, it was becoming difficult for the Govt. to sustain the economy, especially as the country is still trying to recover from the demonetisation blow.  Now, as India’s Coronavirus cases surge, most of the country, except in high-risk areas, has already opened up, with authorities saying they have little choice.

The record surge in Covid cases in India is likely to go up as metro services and other public transport starts in full throttle. Also, restaurants and cafes have opened up in some parts of the country for dine-ins and this relaxation is adding to the increasing Covid cases in India.

Even as cases continue to grow, the government is making all efforts to restart the economy. Offices are now operational at 30% capacity, and since the movement across the country has come back to normal, people have accepted the “New Normal” as a way of life.

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Is the Health Care System Capable of Handling India Covid – 19 Impact?

As the Govt. faces heavy criticism over its incompetency to handle the impact of the pandemic, the government is leaving no stone unturned to defend itself. The Union Health Ministry said, “Sustained efforts through early diagnosis and timely and effective treatment continue to steadily push the CFR down.” The Health Ministry also pointed out that the fatality rate stood at 1.7 per cent on Tuesday which is relatively low when compared to other countries, and further added, “India’s comprehensive and calibrated actions within the umbrella strategy of ‘TEST TRACK TREAT’ have resulted in a low mortality rate.”

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It is time people start considering the severity of the pandemic and step out only when required. The easiest way to curtail the spread of the virus is to have the mask on and to maintain social distancing at all cost. If the cases keep increasing at this rate, the country will be crippled with little scope of recovering completely.

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