The leading search engine giant launched a new ‘Google People Cards’feature in India on Tuesday. People Cards will essentially work as virtual visiting cards/business cards. The new feature allows users to create their own profile on the Google search engine. Reportedly, the feature has been in the testing phase in India for quite some years now. But, we are glad that the feature has finally made its way to the larger public domain.

Google users will also be able to highlight their social media profiles and websites in their public card on Google. Moreover, it will use Google Knowledge Graph to later display this info in its search results. But, to ensure authenticity users will need to sign in to their Google account and provide their mobile number.

Google People Cards 1

Notably, the feature has only been launched in India so far and we aren’t very sure if users in other countries would be getting the feature anytime soon. As per an NDTV report, Lauren Clark, Product Manager at Google Search said, “You may be wondering why we’re launching this feature in India first. We are always looking for new ways to make search more useful for people, and we found that there were some unique information needs to India that we could help serve first.”

Moreover, the Google People Cards feature is currently limited to smartphone devices. Thus, users will be able to create their new virtual visiting cards on Google only through their smartphones. Moreover, it will initially come with sole English language support. But, Google is likely to roll out the feature for other languages too in the coming months.

The card it would be displayed on top of the Google results when someone searches for the person. The feature is likely to be particularly helpful for professionals and recruiters to increase their online presence and to search candidates respectively. Users will also be able toreport impersonations, abuse as well as low-quality content in the People Cards. The US firm has said that the Google People Cards aims to help provide more helpful and reliable info to the public on its platform.

Furthermore, in its attempt to limitfake profiles, users will not be able to create any more than one public card using one Google Account. Google will employ an integrated approach combining automated techniques and human reviews to flag policy violating content. In the particular case of namesakes, Google Search will display multiple modules. Moreover, you can also easily opt-out of the feature anytime you want in the future.

How to create/edit my Google People Card?

You can also create your own Google People Card in India by following the below steps –

Step 1:Open the Google search app on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Sign in to your Google account.

Step 3: Search your name.

Step 4:You’ll see an ‘Add yourself to Google Search’ option on the top of your SERP (search engine result page). Click on Get Started.

Step 5: Fill out your information that you would like to share on your Google People Card.

Mandatory Fields on the Google People Card –

  • Name*
  • Location*
  • About (Summary)*
  • Occupation*

You can also add your other details such as education, hometown, website, current organization, etc. as well as a profile image.

Step 6: Tap Preview on how your public card would look.

Step 7:  Go back if you want to make further changes to your profile.

Step 8: You can tap on the Submit button when you are satisfied with your new Google card.

If you ever want to edit any details on your Google People Card in the future, you can simply tap on the edit button in your existing people card from your mobile after searching for yourself. For more information, you can also visit the Google Search Help page on People Cards.