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In Front Of Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC One Would iPhone 5S Be A Big Deal?

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The next iPhone from apple is raking up quite a bit of buzz in media circles and the world of rumor mongers. The roundup for the iPhone 5S begins with the query-“Will this much awaited Apple product look like the iPhone 5”?

Well, as you already know by now, the rumors and notifications connected with the launch of iPhones are simply unstoppable. Whether it’s about the news connected with further redesigns or the apprehensions regarding their newer features—we all do wait for Tim Cook‘s appearance on stage.

However, some of the educated guesses which are most likely to be proved in the near future are those linked with its time of debut. There are very strong odds that this successor to the iPhone will unveil itself in the summer to autumn time frame–which effectively refers to the months from June to October.

The release of the iPhone 5S is expected to conflict with the availability of the iOS 7. If the earlier history of Apple is to be followed in this case as well—we can expect to get a similar design but one that is tweaked inwards. In the line of the 3GS and iPhone 4S, there will also be certain improvements in the resolution of the cameras, scrolling features and obviously a bigger screen—a neat package indeed!

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