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Improved Battery Life, Biggest Perk with the Upgraded Nintendo Switch

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Features of the upgraded Nintendo Switch

With an improved battery life, the latest Nintendo Switch console is a great value for money. The popular gaming console has announced that the improved battery life is the only difference between the two. The upgraded battery in the new model will last up to 4.5 to 9 hours against the previous version that lasted for around 2.5 to 6.5 hours.

Various tech bloggers and websites have also backed the company’s claims that the updated version offers a 50% – 100% increase in the battery life depending on the games you are playing. The upgraded model is priced at $300 which is same as the price for its predecessor.

It is worth noting that there is no change in size of the battery and it still has the original 4,310mAh battery capacity.  The enhanced battery life is most probably because of the more efficient Tegra X1 processor that powers the new Switch.

If you are also planning to buy a Nintendo Switch, make sure you buy the new model not the older one. But, since the two models are so similar, it is hard to tell them apart. Firstly, remember to look for the red box. If the packaging box has a white background, you are probably looking at the original version of the console rather than the upgraded one.

Furthermore, to be 100% sure, you can check out the description and serial number printed at the bottom of the gaming console. All the newer models have a serial number starting from XKW and anything else probably suggests the previous version.

Moreover, if you have recently bought the console, Nintendo is giving you an exchange offer to exchange it with the newer model at no additional costs. Nintendo users who have recently bought Nintendo Switch consoles on or after July 17, 2019 can get it exchanged with the updated model for free.  But the offer is only valid for users in Canada and the United States. Moreover, they will also have to pay for the shipping and insurance to avail the exchange.

Many gaming enthusiasts are excited to upgrade their Switch for enhanced battery life to play their favorite games for longer hours. But, if you were hoping for more upgraded features, unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to offer much for now. The latest upgrade of Nintendo Switch will come in the same 6.2’’ screen size, 720p display, 32 GB internal storage and will weigh 0.88 pounds.

The more pocket-friendly version of the console, Switch Lite which is priced at $199 will also be available for sale from September 2019.

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