Improve Zoom Meeting Security With These Simple Steps

zoom meeting security

Zoom has been a great support during the pandemic. It has helped us stay connected in this time of social distancing, remote learning, and has helped us tremendously in managing work-from-home routines. It has helped companies, businesses, and small groups to use the platform to host their virtual events. This has raised concerns regarding Zoom Meeting security.

Wondering “how to secure Zoom meeting?” Worried about Zoom bombing? Here’s how you can improve Zoom meeting security.

Zoom Security Options

To begin with, it is important to be well versed with Zoom’s settings and features to protect your virtual space. The explosive surge in popularity has made Zoom prone to security threats and ramifications. Zoom has come under the radar for end-to-end encryption and has accepted its faults in the past.

zoom meeting security 1

Security of Zoom Meetings is necessary especially when discussing any sensitive or confidential information in these online meetings. To ensure the conversations are safe, follow one or all the below mentioned zoom security options.

Create a Meeting ID & Password

To secure a Zoom meeting, it is necessary to set a meeting ID and password to avert uninvited guests from performing a “Zoom Bombing”, in which uninvited guests drop inappropriate content into an ongoing conference call.

Enable Waiting Room

Familiar with Zoom’s “Waiting Room” feature? The Waiting Room gives host the authority to control when a participant joins the meeting or discussion. As the host, one can either allow attendees to join in the meeting one by one or hold them in the waiting room and then admit them all at once.  This option allows hosts to be careful and allow only the expected attendees.

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Zoom Video Webinars

This solution is designed to support live and on-demand private events. With Zoom Webinars, only hosts, co-hosts, and panelists hold the power to speak, display video, and share screens. Hosts and co-hosts even have the ability to alter or modify the chat and Q&A features to ensure only certain content goes out to the attendees.

Disable “Join Before Host”

This is important because this setting enabled the first attendee who joins the meeting will automatically be made the host and have full control over the meeting.

Disable “Allow Removed Participants To Join”

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Uninvited guests can create havoc during online meetings and end up eating a lot of time. Disabling this feature will stop or prevent a blocked or disruptive attendee from rejoining the meeting. Disabling this feature will ensure that they cannot continuously re-join the meeting.

Disable “Allow File Transfer” Feature

Cyberthieves and online attackers usually circulate malware via file transfers, thus it is best to disable file transferring feature during a zoom meeting to prevent any attendees from sharing potentially malicious files.

Update your Zoom App

Last but not the least, it is pivotal to update the Zoom app on regular basis to ensure you have the latest features and security updates installed. And, this applies to all your applications, not just Zoom.

We are sure these steps will secure your upcoming Zoom meeting and will help create a secure conferencing environment. You can also go through the Zoon Help Centre page for further queries or doubts.