The coronavirus pandemic, and resulting lockdown, has altered almost everything we do. Particularly, the education industry has seen a massive disruption. Several colleges and universities planned online convocations for their students through video conferencing tools. However, the IIT bombay digital convocation went a step ahead. The premier technology institute held its 58th annual convocation ceremony in a virtual reality mode in view of the Covid-19 pandemic with ‘student avatars’. Degrees were awarded to animated versions of students in their first ever global virtual convocation.

Talking about the virtual graduation ceremony, IIT said that it did not wish to deprive the students of the sense of achievement and pride of successfully completing their studies. “Keeping in view the safety measures during the ongoing pandemic, the institute held its convocation in virtual reality mode for its graduating students,” the IIT- Bombay said in a statement.

“A personalised avatar of each graduate received the degree certificate from the personalised avatar of director professor Subcases Chaudhari. The medallists also received their medals from the personalised avatar of the chief guest,” the institute said.

Videos of the IIT Bombay digital convocation and ‘student avatars’ went viral:

It took almost 2 months for IIT Bombay to put together the virtual avatars of graduating students getting their medals and degrees, to the procession and the ceremony. A team of around 20 people left no stone unturned in order to instill a sense of pride amidst these uncertain times.  


Furthermore, to make it a memorable experience, the institute went a step ahead and virtually connected the students with friends and also organised viewing of hostel videos, a night before the convocation. Also, after the convocation, IIT-Bombay let people access the campus’ map, walk through their departments and loiter in the corridors.

While social distancing seems to have dampened the spirits of graduating students, the youth of India loves a challenge. They have been hosting virtual convocations, webinars and induction programs to continue learning. The IIT Bombay digital convocation is an example in point.