Apple Macbook Pro 13- inch and 15- inch models  are both difficult to repair due to retina display and battery life.Only two days since the brand new 13- and 15- inch Macbook Pros have released, and iFixit has already made the teardown of both the models and given a score of one out of ten on repairability scale. A one point drop for the 13-inch retina display version, as compared to the non retina laptop.

 The skilled technicians at iFixit suggest that things have become slightly worse as far as repair is concerned. Surprising, as it was expected that the newer gadgets would become more repair-friendly. Lithium-polymer Macbook Pro battery is not screwed to the case, it is attached with glue, thus increasing the chances of breakage while disassembling the laptop. The inclusion of trackpad cable even further increases this risk, as there are chances of a user shearing the cable while removing the battery. The assembly of Retina display in the new generation Macbook Pros is another reason for the tedious repair task. There is no glass protection for Retina display, which means once there is an inside failure the whole assembly has to be replaced. There is no scope of upgradation of RAM in Macbook Pro  considering it is soldered to the board.

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 The iFixit team makes one thing clear: Do not expect to repair the gadgets yourself. You have to return them to the manufacturer in case of any fault.