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If You Search for Someone on Facebook, Will They Know It?

If you are wondering whether searching for someone on Facebook notify them or not, then the answer to your question is no. Technically, everyone’s activity on Facebook is private and it’s not possible to know anyone who is searching for them. However, it depends mostly on the privacy settings of the person and the posts they share.

Facebook offers various options to control the privacy of the profile such as hiding posts or sharing with only friends. But there are some nuances which should be considered while searching for someone on Facebook. In this article, we will explore some of the facts about Facebook’s search option and you also will get the answer to your question “If you search someone on Facebook will they know?”

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What happens when you search for someone on Facebook?

When you type anyone’s name on the search bar of Facebook, your search query remains private. The person whom you are searching for won’t get any kinds of notifications or activities from where they can understand it. So, don’t worry; your activity can’t be tracked by any users. But there are some facts which you should consider while searching for someone on Facebook.

  • If you are searching for a public account, the person may be notified about your activities if you try to interact with any of their posts or click on a link shared by the account. Facebook provides the option to see who has viewed their posts or stories to the public profile holders.
  • If you are searching for a person who has a mutual connection with you on Facebook, then they may see your profile on People you may know or friend suggestions after your recent activity. Facebook use these mutual connections to create potential friendships which may reveal your secret interest in that particular person.
  • Apart from these, you may use your private browser while searching for someone on Facebook by enabling incognito mode on your phone. Your activities won’t be tracked if you use a private browser.
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We hope you have got the answer to your question. In summary, your search history remains always private and Facebook doesn’t notify people if anyone searches them by their name. However, you should know that the privacy policies of social media continuously evolving and you have to be concerned about them. Stay updated about privacy policies on Facebook to know more about it and make sure to respect people’s privacy boundaries on social media.


Is it possible to clear my search history on Facebook?

Yes, you can delete your search history from the account. It doesn’t affect the privacy of your account.

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Can I see who has viewed my profile recently?

Till now, Facebook doesn’t provide any in-built feature to see account viewers. Be aware of third-party applications that claim to provide a viewer’s list as it’s not possible.

How can I hide my profile from someone?

There is no such feature as hiding a profile on Facebook. You may change your privacy settings from public to private so that anonymous people can’t find you or you may block someone on Facebook if you don’t want to find your account particularly.

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