Samsung Galaxy S4 Can Come With S-pen

So, it was Steve Jobs who said while introducing iPhone to the world that who needs a stylus when you have the best pointing device, your finger. But it seems since Tim Cook has taken the reigns of Apple, the company is singing some other tunes. It is being rumored that  Cupertino based tech giant has received a patent for “Active Stylus” to compete with Samsung’s S-pen.

Unlike the passive current stylus of Samsung Apple stylus would have an ability to create its own electronic field which would enhance the speed and accuracy of the device. Though S-pen has received immense popularity there had been complains about the lag which the Samsung users face.

In spite of complains Samsung is planning to launch its next flagship phone Samsung S4 with a stylus. The stylus has become likable amongst the users as it is more like a crayon or a pen rather than a touch input.

Though the rumors regarding the stylus are quite ripe it is still not known when it would be launched. But if Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to come equipped with an S-pen then Apple may need to churn out its own pen device very soon.