John McAfeeTechnology pioneer John McAfee said that he had no doubt he would get free from Gautemala detention centre within 24 hours.

McAfee, 67 made an illegal entry into Central American country on December 5. He told Sky News that he expects to leave for United States soon.

It was last week that McAfee requested to be shifted to Asylum, but his request was denied as he had illegally entered Gautemala.

The death of a 52- year old Florida expatriate Gregory Faull is still in question. His dead body was found by MacAfee’s housekeeper lying in a pool of his own blood.

When asked what the chances were of being sent to the US and avoiding extradition to Belize, McAfee replied: “100 percent, I think later today there will be more information about that.”

McAfee has denied any association with killing of Gregory Faull and told Sky News that he left for his own safety.

“I cannot ever return to Belize,” he added. “There is no hope for my life if I am ever returned to Belize”.

Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow has described McAfee as “extremely paranoid, even bonkers”.

On life inside the detention centre, McAfee said jovially: “I’d rather be here than at home.

“When I’m at home my wife asks me to do work, they’ve not asked me to do any work here.”