Hyundai smartphone key connectivity conceptIn an exciting new development for the auto and mobile worlds, car maker Hyundai recently demonstrated a technology where you will be able to open your car using your cellphone. This ‘Connectivity Concept’ has been displayed on the Hyundai i30. What seems straight out of a sci-fi film, Hyundai has displayed that it will be able to provide this technology for car owners in a short while from now.

With this technology, Hyundai also plans to add a personal dock to the car. With this, your phone could well be an entertainment console for the car. This technology uses the process of Near Field Communications that would include placing an NFC tag on the window of your car. Seing your phone across the tag and viola, it will open up.

Hyundai Motor Europe senior vice president and chief operating officer Allan Rushforth said, “Hyundai’s Connectivity Concept showcases the brand’s philosophy of making tomorrow’s technology accessible to a wide range of customers.”