No doubt, Microsoft has turned around the future of Lumia, And to add to it, Hyperlapse, an app been released by Microsoft Research. Having been in the factory for long, we almost forgot the clever app that can analyze or take in videos recorded via smartphones with a snapper.

Hyperlapse App Released-Microsoft Believes In Software Improvisation For Better Camera QualitySmartphones are no longer about suites, apps or games. The shutter has come to occupy a place of importance ever since we went gaga over the likes of Lumia 920 and then the Lumia 1020. The Lumia line-up alone has probably heralded an era where great smartphones click great snaps too. 

Once you feed a recording into the app, the processing begins and any bump (read shaky recording) is dumped away immediately. And you thought that iImage stabilization feature was the only way out to not have shaky videos?

Microsoft has nurtured a gem of an idea with Hyperlapse and has beaten itself in the camera game. After Carl Zeiss lenses, 41 MP under the hood and so much more– Microsoft is painting yet another bright avenue for camera functionality of smartphones.

The stress is on the right software for the best imaging ever imagined!