In a recent development of its TV set-top box, Apple on Tuesday announced that a new app Hulu has been added to its software.

 But with OS X Mountain Lion’s new Mac Airplay feature, Apple TV had no option but to introduce Hulu to its customers.

In order to have access to Hulu on your Apple TV, you will have to pay a premium of $7.99 every month to enjoy the service. But in order to give customers the feel of Hulu Plus, Apple has offered a free trial subscription of one week to all Apple TV owners. However, what needs your attention is that Hulu service will not offer all content that is available on Apple TV app. The reason behind the same is that many programs have web-only streaming license.

One of the major benefits that users will have from this new App is that they will be able to sign up for Plus directly through Apple TV. Customers can use their iTunes account to make payments.

There are no doubts about the fact that Apple takes a certain percentage on every subscription that is paid through a person’s iTunes account, but no one is sure about the percentage. Probably this is also the reason that Apple took so long to introduce Hulu plus on its Apple set-top box TV. Furthermore, if we have a look at the losses that TV show purchases are having on iTunes, you will understand Apple’s hesitation in introducing the new app.