Huawei dual OS android, windows smartphoneHuawei has officially announced that its dual-operating system smartphone is scheduled to be available in the US market in Q2 2014. The smartphone will operate on the Android and Windows Phone operating systems.

The news was disclosed by Huawei chief marketing officer Shao Yang, during an interview with TrustedReviews. The official also revealed some details regarding the company’s upcoming smartphone plans.

The source has quoted Yang as saying, “We are still committed to making Windows Phone devices. Compared with Android, the priority of Windows Phone is much lower but is still one of our choices of OS. We are definitely using a multi OS strategy.”

This clearly signifies that the smartphone manufacturers like Huawei still prefer Google’s Android option as compared to Windows Phone OS, despite continuous efforts by Microsoft.

Additionally, Yang said that the dual-OS device would be a very interesting option for consumers as it will offer both android and windows operating systems in a single device.

However, the company has not yet revealed any details regarding the dual-OS smartphone that both the operating systems would be made available through a dual-boot menu at the start-up of the smartphone or there would be a option to switch between the two operating systems at any point.

Meanwhile, Asus is believed to have cancelled its plans to release a dual-OS tablet scheduled to be launched in 2014. As per a report by Wall Street Journal, the Taiwanese manufacturer is likely to have cancelled its plan under pressure of Google and Microsoft.

It has also been reported that Microsoft is planning to offer free versions of Windows Phone and Windows RT to device manufacturers with an aim of promoting its mobile and tablet ecosystem.