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Affordability Makes the Day for HTC Windows Phone 8S

Windows Phone 8 is actually finding quite a few takers, although it’ll take a whole lot of effort for Microsoft to get it all the way up to the level of Android or iOS. There are very few Windows phone-makers, HTC being one of them. Today, we’re taking a look at their latest offering, the Windows Phone 8S.

The very first thing that catches the eye, apart from its vibrant design, is its price-tag. Priced very reasonably at $365, as opposed to its next closest competitor – the Nokia Lumia 820 at $650, it’s really affordable for a Windows Phone 8 based smartphone. Powering this phone is a 1 GHz dual-core processor and 512 MB of RAM. It’s got a 4-inch Super LCD Gorilla Glass display with a 480X800 pixel resolution.

The Windows Phone 8S is equipped with a 5MP rear camera that can even record videos at 720p resolution. However, the one downside is the highly insufficient 4 GB internal memory. But, HTC has been sensible enough to include a microSD card slot for expanding the phone’s memory. The phone has a 1700 mAh battery, which should probably suffice for a day’s use conveniently.

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Coming to the exterior, we love the two-tone color scheme HTC has used for this phone. They’re bright, quite like the usual Windows-based phones, but this one’s got a different colored stripe that sets it apart. Its curved edges give it a sleek, slim look, with an all-plastic exterior. However, we should mention that even though the Windows Phone 8S doesn’t have metal, the build is fairly solid and doesn’t look cheap.

One thing to note about this phone is that you can’t remove its back cover – which means you can’t remove its battery. This could be bad news for the frequent travelers who love to carry spare batteries for their phones. But on the plus side, you can swap memory cards on the phone without the need to switch it off.

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