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HTC One Vs Sony Xperia S Vs Samsung Galaxy S4: The Wonderful World Of Meaty Camera Phones

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Users are certainly at their wits end regarding the best phone to suit their specific needs. With more and more camera-phones making their inroads into retail stores and on racks—the going certainly seem to be good for those looking for the best resolution in their digital captures.

Gone are the days of 640 x 480 pixels shots. The quality of cameras (rather sensors) in phones has undergone a sea change. The market of dedicated and compact cameras is surely under the scanner, with normal phone users looking for the best resolution and features to record the keys moments of their lives.

However, there is one important point of difference— even the most basic of pocket cameras have optical zoom lenses which take more refined pictures, whereas the best of smart phones have to make do with digital zooms.

You can take your pick from:

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Sony Xperia S: In which the camera component boasts of 12.1 megapixels, with its resolution derived from an Exmor R low light sensor. This technology is also found in Sony’s Cyber-Shot digital compacts and DSLRs.

Samsung Galaxy S4: It has a rear camera equipped with a 13MP sensor, clarity, high shutter speed and high resolution.

HTC One: This phone allows users to take pictures along with shooting HD videos. It delivers excellent pictures in low light and boasts of1080 HD video and imaging and rapid-fire continuous shooting.

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