After HTC announced its first exclusive Facebook smartphone running on the Facebook Home interface, we just found out that 3 other popular smartphones have also managed to get this upgraded experience. The Facebook Home experience is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One as well as the Sony Xperia ZL.

In a recent conference, Facebook announced that over 1 million users have already installed the Facebook Home. But Android Central has carefully clarified that this figure just talks about the number of individual downloads, and doesn’t necessarily mean every user who has downloaded it is using it actively.

With the Galaxy S4 and Xperia ZL, users had the option to “Use Home Anyway”, while the HTC One made a smooth and automatic transition to the new interface. The new interface also has a new ongoing notification, which users can choose to switch off by adjusting the settings.

The HTC First was launched just a few weeks back running on Facebook Home and is available at $99 with a two year contract. But the interface itself has received mixed reviews and is yet to really take off.