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HTC One on Verizon all set to Launch Anytime Soon

Here’s interesting news for subscribers of Verizon as HTC has decided to shoot up the manufacturing process of its flagship HTC One smartphone in a bid to meet the devices’ strong demand. Owing to long delay in the supply of HTC One, many people, who were waiting in line to get hands on to this stylish handset moved on to buy other handsets including Samsung’s Galaxy S4. The Taiwanese handset maker is now hoping to cover up for its lost sales.

Powerful and stylish, HTC One is HTC’s flagship Android smartphone. The firm faced delay due to shortage in the components of the device.

Among other competitive smartphones in the market, HTC has managed to stand ahead in line with a positive response for its products. The Butterfly, HTC’s first 1080p phone, saw a rise of 50 percent sales in Japan after it hit the shelves with some nice on-contract prices.

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We hear that HTC will launch its One smartphone with few cool offers and deals for users.

The Taiwanese handset manufacturer has also rolled out a software update for the Sprint variant of HTC One as was reported yesterday. The new update version number is 1.29.651.10.

With this update, Sprint HTC One users will now enjoy the benefits of improved Back and Home key sensitivity. For HTC One users, the issue was that the capacitive keys below the screen didn’t always respond as the touch targets were tiny. Now with this latest update, this issue is fixed as it increases the target size, making it easier to activate. The software update also came out with updates to BlinkFeed. It also adds a new Sprint Zone client to the One.

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In the USA, HTC One is already on the shelves on three major carriers including AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint.


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