HTC One M8 Video Leaked reveals its most profitable features at a glance!!!!

The most groundbreaking of commencements by the HTC group in the year 2013 was their HTC One phone with the finest of Android features.  It was an avant-garde in the world of Android phones putting a tough competition to the big names in the same field.  Since then it had been an uphill journey for HTC although a struggling one. And that has made all the difference as they are on the threshold of another milestone in the year 2014 as the company is counting days for its debut in the code name HTC One M8 sometime in March, 2014.

It has brought in a couple of video clippings. The first one is on YouTube as a 12 minute hand-on. It showcases the present phone with its predecessor the HTC One.  In design and size it replicates the HTC One but the uniqueness of the latter lies in its having no physical keys in the front side. Also you can enjoy the privilege of vivid photography due to its dual camera technicalities. The video gives us a good knowhow about the HTC One M8’s software configuration and also the bells and whistles of Sense 6. As a pre-released device we have got to know most of it than any other mobile.