HTC One M8: Specs, Release Date And More

HTC One M8 has been in news for some time now. With the latest HTC flagship phone gaining immense footage over the last few months, we heard news that the same will release at an exclusive HTC event on March 25. In fact, the smartphone could be branded the HTC One+ instead of One M8.

Well, for us it is not the name but the juicy specifications that got us salivating:

  • A larger display close to 5.2 inches is something that would get a lot of takers 
  • A dual clicker spec that will see positioning on its rear. The main focal lens will have another topped up version directly over it. We caught of glimpse of such techniques called Core photonics at the Mobile World Congress. 
  • Well, HTC One+ could see expandable memory this time. A wow addition to the smartphone that could be cramped for space only with internal storage. 
  • Insider buzz points to the presence of Snapdragon 800 CPU—a huge leap from the snapdragon 600 that is available in the latest HTC One model. We expected Snapdragon 801 but 800 too could be cool for us.

Slated to feature 2GB RAM, the HTC One+ could come b variants if 64, 32 and 16 GB. Of course, the final touch comes with the availability of KitKat and HTC Sense for a skin.